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Maria Mittermayer

I have been working for Conference & Touring for 4 years. My first encounter with C&T came while I was asked to take on a leadership role in the housing department for a congress of about 8000 delegates. I love the congress market because you can plan for success, however there are always surprises that come from every angle. After working in the congress industry for about 8 years, I have gained valuable knowledge and experience.

It´s not just about ideas, it´s about how to make them happen.

One of the most amusing experiences I had took place during a robotics congress in 2015. Here one of the attendants mistook the congress centers address for the office address. He showed up at the office, rang the doorbell and as soon as one of my colleagues opened the door, he showed his registration pass and wanted access to the congress. After explaining to him that he was in the wrong location, we helped him reach the congress center. Many times I think back to this encounter and smile.

and here are the others....

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